What Would the Butler See in Your Office?

The cards were usually dark-colored & white or sometimes had a single coloring tint. All you experienced to do was put a penny in the slot and turn the handle and the credit cards flickering before your eye gave the impression of movement. office interior design singapore

The mutoscope acquired a fair amount of bad publicity as some of the films were higher than a little risqu? but the public loved them and the “what the butler saw” machines were a staple of bch pier entertainments for over fifty years. Fast frontward from those beginning and we now have 3d images films in glorious variable colour and surround audio with a range of viewing from cinemas to the own homes. 

Strangely enough, the development of the office has largely mirrored the development of film. Returning to the late 1800s and offices tended to be monochrome little boxes where individuals labored on their own tasks in isolation. Intended for the masses, flooring maintained to be brown carpet or wood; although lino was starting to come in, having been made in 1860. Walls were uniform cream or dark brown and lighting was poor.

Fast toward today, and the office environment has mostly changed. Gone are the boxes in favor of open plan office buildings and colours abound from vibrant reds and grapefruits to energise staff, to calmer blues and greys to encourage creative thinking. Like the cinema, we certainly have moved from little bins viewed by individuals to having the capacity to work anywhere including inside our own homes.

Although the Victorians didn’t understand the psychology of office space, we have managed to move on since then and it is therefore surprising that some businesses have not considered this aspect and still expect their personnel to operate cramped terribly lit dingy offices. To them we say, consider an office renovation. That needn’t cost the entire world and you would be astonished at the increased output that you can manage simply changing working conditions. After all, your employees take more time in the office than they do awake at home so it is smart to feel that dull, dirty environment will depress them and make them work little by little, whilst bright light conditions will aid the work process.

Therefore, for your office renovation, think about working spaces and communication. Little boxes and the need for communication can mean lots of squandered time carrying pieces of paper around. Conversely, a lot of telephone calls might require sound muffling carpets and space dividers and an acoustic deadening material on ceiling and walls. As well believe about colour plans and match the right colours to your employees’ roles. Finally, do consider how you want the office space to provide. Does it need transforming into a meeting area from time to time; searching at hot desking; or will you need to expand your personnel numbers in the in close proximity to future?

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