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Occasionally it’s just the process of finding your desire home that can be the task. You really know what you want in style, room size or amenities, but when a listing explains a home’s style as Cape Cod or Maison, many owners are kept scratching their heads. 

This kind of short set of home styles can help you with the process of finding a home that is simply perfect for you and your family.

Cape Cod

A cape cod home is typically an one-story – sometimes 1/2 – home that features a sharp roofline, multi-pane windows, solid wood siding and often have dormer windows for added space. It has a symmetrical exterior, with the door often found immediately in the center. This kind of style originated in the 17th century by the English colonists who satisfied on the east shoreline.


One of the most popular home styles, the colonial is a larger offshoot of the Cape Cod. These homes typically have 2 or 3 stories, large fireplaces and brick or wooden facades. Just like the Cape Cod the windows are established around the center door, with narrow side glass windows on either side. These types of rectangular, symmetrical homes have floor plans with the kitchen and family room on the first floor and the bedrooms on the other.


There are several home styles that fall under the Even victorian home style. These intimate and highly detailed homes were indicative of the era which lasted from about 1860-1900. A typical Victorian home design features a steeply pitched roof top, a dominant front-facing gable, large bay windows, attractive accents like patterned shingles or spindles, and an asymmetrical exterior with a partial or full-width front side porch.


The Tudor style homes are freely modeled after the homes of Medieval England. The most popular features of these homes include tall narrow house windows with small window window panes, patterned brick or natural stone walls, rounded doorways, multi-paned casement windows and large stone chimneys. Many tudor homes in addition have a steeply sloping roof structure.


The Craftsman (also known as bungalow or an Arts and Projects style) was obviously a popular home from early 1900s to the forties. This style was created reacting to the complex d? cor and floor plan of the Even victorian homes, as a simple more ‘hand-built’ style. The homes frequently have a low-pitched roof, exposed roof trusses, and have porches frame by tapered columns. The homes are narrow and rectangular, often 1/2 tales. The thing that placed these homes apart from their contemporaries is the large amount of in house woodwork, like built-in storage solution and bookcases.


The term modern day describes a variety of homes that concentrate on simple forms and lines. These modern homes feature lots of glass, open up floor plans and unique designs. Typically they drive clear of excessive artwork and unnecessary details, positioning more emphasis on flat-face exteriors and incorporating the surrounding landscape into their overall look. These homes also are known for their unusual blend wall structure materials like stone, packet and wood.

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