Joomla Features

Joomla cms is a Content Managing System that is extensively used around the world. It has powerful features making it a good idea to switch from a regular HTML-based site to Joomla cms. In this article, we mention a few popular reasons why people use Joomla. Joomla support services

Joomla supports international languages. This is especially important if your site isn’t for English viewers. When installed with a language extension, it is possible to let your site visitors select which language they want to view your site in. Imagine being able to customize the language with just one mouse click. 

Joomla makes it easy for different people to work on the site at the same time. There is absolutely no longer a logjam where everyone has to come to the developer or programmer in order to get their content uploaded. Given the proper user permissions, anyone with a web browser can create content to be used on the net site and have it published. Furthermore, the released pages will have the same site-wide template which ensures that there may be a regular look and feel.

Joomla cms supports user authentication so multiple users can gain access to the website at the same time, each one together with his or her own consumer permissions. With a traditional site, developers have to add authentication and customer access levels but with Joomla, this is a built-in feature. In conjunction with plug-ins, it is also possible to develop a social social networking site for little or no cost, with a much faster speed than if you were to engage a developer to do it.

Templates are being used to obtain a standard look and feel across all pages. There is no need to worry about an errant page eliminating the feel of your site. All website pages in Joomla will be shown within a template, and the template can be changed at any point in time. There is no need to endure every web page in order to improve how it appears. One click is all it takes to change the feel of the complete site.

But probably the most powerful feature of Joomla cms is that it allows the utilization of extensions. Plug-ins are software that are installed onto an existing Joomla site and share the site extra functionality that the standard Joomla assembly doesn’t provide. With hundreds of extensions available, Joomla cms can do almost anything at all that a site can want without needing further custom-made development. All you need to do is to find the accurate extension.

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