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Layouts are an important part of web design. A good web designer must be able to really know what sorts of web templates are available and what sorts of templates they need to utilization in making their websites. Joomla cms is a popular source of templates; they give you a wide variety of colors, themes and designs. Generally there are two basic categories of Joomla templates, such as back end and forward end themes. Responsive Joomla Templates

Back end templates

These templates are in charge of your website’s structure and style when you log into it and are applying Joomla’s functional tools. These templates have the ability to make your web business run with efficiency and ease. They also ensure that your website approach remains systematic and arranged. 

Front end themes

These templates are in charge of your website’s layout and style when a traveler browses through your website. This is critical because it determines how well your online business is doing, based on the amount of hits the webpage gets.

There are several popular free Joomla templates. These types of templates include:

Blue Precious stone: This template is for many who are in need of new and refreshing themes. This kind of template introduces new and refreshing ideas that you will definitely like if you are bogged down by the same old website themes. The Black Diamond encompasses a great blend of dark green and violet colors, which will create the stunning theme that you are looking for. This design even offers the good thing about surrounding two columns and a right side bar. This is worth noting that this template, which is not hard to download, is also compatible with Joomla’s version 1 ) 0x.
Rate: This template is made up of a right sidebar and two copy. It also is sold with multiple colors, so that it is impressive and convenient to use when making websites of any nature. It has made it quite popular with website development enthusiasts and builders.
Transparent Bliss: This is another of the free Joomla templates. It comes with an astrospace impact as its backdrop. In contrast to Blue Diamond and Speed, this one comes with three columns and a CSS layout. With this template, you can shape the size of the photographs in the qualifications because of its back again end parameters, that can be easily modified. This is certainly a very attractive template that is meant to quickly capture the eyes of the folks who visit your website.
Modern Portal: This theme is easy compared to many other Joomla templates. This can be used mainly in creating news portal websites, and has a huge variety of fonts. It also includes a sizable number of colors, and the color blend is wonderful. This template also encompasses table layout, present width, left sidebar and a module position.
Contr?le: This template has a preset width of 800px. It is dark and shiny, so that it is quite attractive. With this template you can treat the very best component as text based. This kind of can then be altered and custom-made with regards to the needs of the visitor. That has a customizable header image and quite a lot of nav menus.
Rise of Technology: This template works best for Joomla 1. 5. 3 and is considered to be one of the better free Joomla templates. It has an extraordinary interface and comes in 4 different color combinations: blue/ orange, green/ orange, turquoise blue and Christmas. Rise of Technology comes with 3 copy.
Keep It Fresh: This kind of template also works well with Joomla 1. 5. 3. In addition, it comes with 3 layers and 4 colors, which are green, orange, blue and renewable.
Global Business: This design template is good for elektronischer geschäftsverkehr oriented websites. It comes with 3 columns and has 20 module positions. Another feature is the great drop-down menus and a footer that can be easily customized.
Emagazine: This template comes with an attractive and multi-colored layout. Its module positions are at main, header, footer, right, left and split menu, among others.
These templates are simply a few of the many free Joomla templates. By so doing, the effectiveness of your website will be based upon your concentrate on audience and how prepared you are to entice them to your site.

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