What Movies Say and What You Should Know

The declaration of war against terror has spread in the hearts of many Americans. The films of Hollywood support this issue and in almost every movie, of course with a few exceptions. In the 70’s and 80’s, action movies were all about the cold war. Possibly when the cold battle was over, movies were still being produced. Several movies arrived this yr and they still speak about a war that has long ended and perhaps was never available. Arab Lions

That also works perfectly when they stereotypically preview Middle easterns or Middle Eastern civilizations. The most common persona a show would give an Arab is the terrorist that would whack himself up just to kill a couple of people. But which is not the truth.

In that case again, if you are an Arab, almost all of the movies that will take care of the topic of fear, it shows American or rather foreigners on the whole as the ones who are trying to find destruction; the ones who want to work with their countries for their own favor. But little or nothing shows the reality as it is. Nothing shows all of us that we are all human beings. Few videos support the fact we should all stay in peacefulness and harmony. 

It’s all misleading. From both guidelines, in every single culture, you will find a stereotypical kind of racism that will not even show because that is how we are should express our thoughts and ideas. But just because we have certain thoughts that aren’t exactly counted as racist ideas doesn’t mean that we should express them so loudly so others would be influenced with our extreme thoughts. After i have an extreme thought, I actually deny it. If We can’t deny it, then I take note of and save it in a place that only I can reach so others would not be harmed with my negative energy.

Since a watcher, while i see a movie that discusses racism in an roundabout way, I usually wring my head, smile and do my research and so i would not be so stereotypical. When the results show me the same point of view, We then rely on one thing: I should see with my own eyes.

You should the actual same because that guy who rides a motorbike is not a gangster, the black guy in town is not a robber without, the girl who got home very later part of the that night is not only a prostitute. You should know that not everything should be judged using what you see or what heard. You should know for yourself, you should see how this person acts in the private life.

Maybe that dude who rides the Ferrari treats his wife much better than you do and yet you may not even know it, all as they rides an expensive car that girls would drool over. Maybe that woman that is extremely feminist treats her husband much better than you do, simply because she’s feminist that doesn’t mean she has that certain attitude and wouldn’t be with a man.

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