Ringworm Infection – Is Ringworm Contagious?

Ringworm is a fungal disease which is contagious. On the contrary to misconceptions, ringworm is not the effect of a worm. The term ringworm only came from the condition of the infection which appears as rounded patches on your skin. Most of the time, they appear red and scaly, and are often itchy. You can get the infection through different ways. is ringworm contagious

– Direct exposure to an infected person. In the event you come in direct exposure to a person whose skin area is infected with ringworm, it is likely that you will catch the fungus and develop the infection yourself.

– Make use of objects owned by afflicted persons. When you reveal a towel, comb, house shoes and other personal items with a person who is infected with ringworm, chances are you will catch the infection as well. It is recommended to avoid sharing such what to be certain that you are safe from any fungal infection. 

– Surface contact. Ringworm can be acquired by moving on an unclean and moist surface. Since the fungus thrives in damp and moist environment, bathroom floors and other similar surfaces have high opportunity that they contain the fungus. Wear bathroom house shoes and keep your areas cool and dry to avoid the growth of fungi and bacteria. Soiled bed linens which an infected person had humiliated on can be the origin of infection.

– Connection with family pets. Dogs and cats can also carry ringworm. In the event you touch an contaminated animal, or if you groom them, you can acquire the infection. Different animals which can maintain ringworm include cows, boars, goats, horses and guinea pigs. When someone at home develops ringworm, look at your pets because they might be the source.

– Contact with ground. Although this rarely happens, you can catch ringworm from soil. Infected garden soil, nevertheless , would not be as strong as other causes, so ringworm can only be acquired after long exposure on the area.
Most ringworm infections can usually be treated by topical creams which are applied twice a day for three weeks. With this, utmost care and cleanliness should be preserved while treating the attacks.

It is best to put bandage on the afflicted areas to avoid them from spreading to other parts of the entire body, and so that they will not be afflicted by bacteria. Recognize an attack avoid scratching the patches to let the wounds cure properly and so that they will not intensify.

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