T-Mobile Drops Price of Mobile Broadband

T mobile is now offering an introductory price of? 12 monthly for the first three months on its mobile broadband “Web’n’Walk Plus” deal. updated daily with the cheapest broadband deals

This has the exact cheapest deal on the marketplace from 3 and pertains to new customers signing up to the Web’N’Walk As well as 24-month tariff and the offer is available until 1st October 2008. Following your three month introductory period, the price increases to? 15 per month, which is still excellent affordability. 

T-Mobile currently offers up to 1. 8Mbps high speed broadband speeds and the package includes a free HARDWARE modem stick. With this package, you also get absolutely unlimited access to hundreds of WiFi Hot spots around the country at convenient locations such as Starbucks coffee shops, all BAA airports, Borders bookstores and hundreds of hotels. What this means is you can leap on the world wide web wherever there is a WiFi Killer spot logo in sight, allowing you have free Net access wherever and anytime you observe this logo.

T mobile with the process of upgrading its network to offer 7. 2Mbps down load speeds, so customers are in for a treat when this transition is finally completed. This will likely equal Vodafone’s six. 2Mbps, who currently lead the marketplace with the greatest download speed for mobile broadband deals out there at the moment.

Just lately, T-Mobile has also released an increase in publish speed to 1. 4Mbps after the launch of its HSUPA (High-Speed Uplink Packet Access) network.

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